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Smart Tasks - Is anyone using it?

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Smart Tasks - Is anyone using it?

I have spent a considerable amount of time trying to implement ST and it continues to disappoint despite my efforts.


There a host of deficiencies and outright bugs which I've complained about over the past couple of years.


It continues to baffle me that very few members on this forum (including moderators) post or respond to posts on ST. The only explanations is that workflow is still of little interest to most users (even more baffling that in 2012 that Activity Series is the workflow standard being used) or they have simply given up on this feature.


If either of these is true, then it's important that the few us that are still trying to apply ST need to know and focus our energy of seeking alternative solutions to our basic workflow needs.


Please comment?

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Re: Smart Tasks - Is anyone using it?

I hear you mate, i gave up using ST shortly after it was released

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Re: Smart Tasks - Is anyone using it?

Thanks for your feedback.


I am hoping to receive a sufficient number of responses to determine if there is sufficient interest to pass this along to Sage.


Any one else care to weigh-in on this issue?

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Re: Smart Tasks - Is anyone using it?

David, I have been using them for a while but much more so with the release of 2013.  The ability to run them offline did the trick for me.  i have several customers that have implemented them.  You do have to be careful in how you set them up and fully understand how they work.  But they are working well for us in clients that have some time sensitive work flow items.  I wish there was the ability to do mail merging with them - that's on my wish list.  And I have asked for a Best Practices document to be put together by Sage that talks about things you set in the config file, etc.


I'll go back and read your posts to see what specific problems you are seeing.  i want to make sure we are not going to run into any bugs.  So far we haven't.  But you never know.

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Re: Smart Tasks - Is anyone using it?

Thank you for responding to my my post.


I have posted numerous concerns about Smart Tasks over the past two years and it has been very frustrating receiving next to no feedback from the community, the moderators and Act! Certified Consultants.


I don't know what to think but my best guess is that the wiser majority realized a long time ago that it was a waste of time to invest in ST.


Part of the problem is that there is next to no information on the real world application of ST, Act! technical support representatives know little and are themselves at a loss as to how to troubleshoot ST.


I have been an Act! User for over 10 years and I can safely assume to that I have a very good working knowledge to the software. I thought that my search for a basic workflow add-on to Act!, (a reasonalle alternative to the extremely limited Activity Series feature) had finally come to an end when ST was introduced a couple of years ago. Sadly I was wrong.


I have a long list of complaints but I'll just mention a few:


- all Activities in ST are programmed to trigger the alarm, no alarm is "No Alarm" an option

- contacts must be "Paused" "Cancelled" or "Resumed" one by one, try doing this with a database of a few thousand contacts

- no ability to mail merge, excuse me, who creates a basic workflow program and doesn't include mail merge, mind boggling


Seems to me that running ST offline is not a big advantage of us who keep our computers running 24/7 or am I missing something?


It baffles me beyond belief is that in 2013 Act! Users are not demanding basic workflow program and vehemently complaining about how ST fails to address this need. I could go on and on but my blood is beginning to boil so I'll stop here.


Any feedback you can provide, literature, work arounds and alternatives to ST is much appreciated. I may be close to giving up on ST but I am convinced that there are many benefits to a good workflow program.



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Re: Smart Tasks - Is anyone using it?

Davidb, I too gave up shortly after trying to implement a few basic tasks.  The Pause/Cancel/Resume made me crazy.  By the time I got thru that I could have performed the tasks 20 times over.  Way too much manual intervention.   I think ST's should either be truly automated or dropped entirely.  But that's just me....