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Smart Tasks Email Template

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Re: Smart Tasks Email Template

I find this thread very disconcerting - considering I've used ACT! since it was a DOS program.  SmartTasks will only be usable to me if I can specify my own self-developed email templates and since they are already usable in ACT! in a mail merge, it would only seem logical that we can use our own templates.  


I don't know if there are limitations on the number of emails you can send via ACT! e-marketing, but I've tried to use it and editing templates for my own use seem to be pretty painful and time-consuming.  


When will the ACT! development team actually address this issue, instead of looking for additional revenue opportunities?  This is the first time I haven't upgraded to the latest version of ACT! (I'm on ACT! Pro 2012) because it just appeared that every "feature enhancement" was a paid-for item. 




Dino Grana