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Smart Task not working

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Smart Task not working

Hello, I've set up 3 different Smart Tasks, two of which are working fine and one won't work.  I've done them all the same, to automatically set a task for someone when a certain set of values is changed in the Opportunity section.  I've tried to play around with the setup to get it to work and it won't.  Here's what I've done:


I want the system to schedule a task for me to order a warranty as soson as the job is marked as paid in the opportunity section.  I have it marked to run automatically one day after the criteria is triggered. I have the trigger criteria set as:

type:  opportunities

field name:  stage

operator:  equal to

value:  paid


I've also tried changing the operator to "contains", "contains data" and "starts with" paid and nothing makes it work.  "Paid" is a field we've added to the "stage" dropdown list.


Any ideas?  Thanks!