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Slow and Blending together...

Nickel Contributor
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Country: USA

Slow and Blending together...



I just upgraded my computer to 1528 Megabytes in Memory and a processor 2.8 gigahertz.  Before at 512 in memory, it was ok. Not great but ok.


Now the ACT! program just freezes other images right onto the layout. The splash screen kind of blends into the layout for a while and eventually disappears.


Any reason why it does that?





Copper Contributor
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Country: UK

Re: Slow and Blending together...

It sounds like a graphical issue.


Try turning down hardware acceleration to test:


Right click on desktop>  properties > settings tab > advanced button > troubleshooting tab


Slide the hardware acceleration to none, apply (screen will go black for a few seconds) and then test act to see if same issue.


If Ok then can either leave acceleration set to none, or look to update your graphics card/chip drivers.