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Slow ACT 2010 due to sqlsrvr.exe

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Slow ACT 2010 due to sqlsrvr.exe

Using win XP 2gb RAM and also Vista Premier 3gb ram, new Laptop.  While doing mailmerge, sqlsrvr.exe is using 90-95% of CPU resources.


System hangs up for minutes at a time, then finally comes back to life. Any suggestions? USING ACT 2010.

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Re: Slow ACT 2010 due to sqlsrvr.exe

How many contacts are you attempting to merge to?


How many other programs are you running while attempting this?


How much free memory is available on the system prior to running the merge?


Mail merge is a fairly resource instensive application.


For this, and numerous other reasons, if you are attempting to do recurring mailmerges on more than a few dozen contacts, you really should look at using the Act! Emarketing service, as this will handle HUGE merges w/o the resources issues...