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Simple (?) problem with customer reporting

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Simple (?) problem with customer reporting

Hi users,


I'm having (another) small problem withh good old ACT! 2007 / 9.0.


I've created a custom report, which was thankfully a breeze to do.

My issue is with telling act which records to include on the report...


Essentially, I have 'patients' that are due for 'checkups' every 6 months.

I want to be able to generate a report each month, that will tell me which patients have a checkup in the next 6 weeks.


I have the fields NAME and LAST CHECKUP being sent to the report, but the report is including EVERY record. 

My desired result is for the report to only include patients which have a LAST CHECKUP date within 6 weeks of the date six months ago. I want to give myself a 6-week window to contact a patient to remind them its about time for another checkup.


Example:  (assuming todays date is 23 May 2008)


Patient A. Last Checkup = 1st Jan 2008.

This will be NOT be included in the report because the last checkup was less than six months ago.


Patient B. Last Checkup = 1st Nov 2007.

This WILL BE included in the report because it is almost six months since their last checkup.


The question: Where and how do I configure this??


Massive thanks in advance for anyone who can shine some light on this matter.

Good day to all. Man Happy 

Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: Simple (?) problem with customer reporting

Create a lookup of the desired contacts and run the report for the current lookup.
Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Simple (?) problem with customer reporting

Hi philgill,


To offer a little bit more advice on the matter. Assuming the field 'LAST CHECKUP' that you created is a date field you should be able to create a lookup of the contacts you want in the report.


1 .Firstly make sure that the field that you created is a date field. To do this log into your ACT! database and go to Tools -> Define Fields. Look for your field in the list and confirm it is indeed a 'Date' field.


2. Preforming the lookup should be pretty straight forward. Make sure that you are looking at your entire database first by choosing 'Lookup -> All Contacts'. Then choose 'Lookup -> Other Fields...' In 'Look in this field' choose LAST CHECKUP and specify a date range in the right hand side of the window. 


3. If you have performed the lookup correctly you will now have a refined contact list. Simply run the report ensuring that you choose 'Current Lookup' rather than 'Current Contact' on the General Tab (In the Define filters window).


Hope this helps.


Kind regards,