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Show phone number for calander appointments?

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Show phone number for calander appointments?

 Just moved from a very old version of act, and when I looked under my calandar such as work week, it would show me the phone number for the appointment or whatever in the calander view


In my sage act 2011, it doesnt show the phone number with the event... is there anyway to do this?


It just seemed like the old act calander was bigger and held more info maybe?


Thanks so much

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Re: Show phone number for calendar appointments?

You can display the Phone field in the Task List, not the calendar


You might post a request for this feature to be considered for a future version here -

Input from this web page goes directly into a database that management has direct access to read, and which they also track and gather statistics on. It also allows other users to vote on these so Sage can get an idea of the demand

This article might help word the request to make it easier for management to look at it:

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Re: Show phone number for calander appointments?

We have developed an add-on for ACT which allows you to display any field from the contact on the task list or calendar view. We also allow global color rules such as make the activity green if the user is "Chris Huffman" or make Blue if the contact lives in the state of New York.


You can download the free trial from our web site:


To read more about the Calendar modules check out this page:


Hope this helps

-- Jim Durkin

Durkin Computing