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Should I migrate from ACT! 2009 (11) to ACT! 2010

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Should I migrate from ACT! 2009 (11) to ACT! 2010

Currently using ACT! 2009 (11) with a database of about 5,000 contacts and everything is humming along nicely. I use the program primarily for marketing: e-mail blasts, letters, etc.  I have an upgrade to ACT! 2010 I have not initiated.  Should I move to 2010 (and hotfixes 1, 2, and 3) or not?   Thank you.
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Re: Should I migrate from ACT! 2009 (11) to ACT! 2010

Hello Dan,

Well, I did !

I have about 1.500 contact and history of last 5 years. I don´t use to purge history as I do not felt any performance degradation lately.

I was afraid to move ! To uninstall and install new ACT versions was always a difficult process. Well It was in the past.

I was surprise to see that at this time migration was a smooth process. Well, not really. I use some add-ons and this caused me some problems that are now solved. But not related to ACT from what I can see.

Well, migration was fine but how about new features ? I am feeling comfortable. My main concern is to keep my scenario updated as I relay in this product to keep my business working. So I think it deserves.

In daily use the biggest change was indeed concerning to "Opportunities". I believe that in future it will allow us even more control.

Finally, to shortly answer your question: "it is not a wrong move". Product is better in my point of view.

I keep making suggestions to Sage for new features I would like to see in next patches and releases.

Hope this help you to take a decision.

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