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Should I invest in Act! 2013

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Should I invest in Act! 2013

My office is just moving from Macs to Dell and so I am looking for a software solution to replace Daylite.  I was a long term Act user but went off the product when Sage took over.   I don't fancy the cloud CRM solutions but I keep reading that ACT! is slow and buggy.  Is this the case?   Our databse has around 30,000 records. Act will be going onto new fast i7 processor machines with 16gb ram.  Should we re-invest in Act? If not, what do you suggest.  Thanks in anticipation



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Re: Should I invest in Act! 2013


I'll let other members of the Community comment on whether you should choose ACT! or not, but I will ask that you provide some additional information to help determine if it is a good fit and which version you would want/need.


- How many users?  (ACT! Pro = limited to 10 or less, Premium = unlimited)

- How would you like to access the  database?

  • Workstations on a local network
  • Workstations connected through VPN
  • Laptops through a web browser
  • Laptops/workstations with remote databases (full database on mobile computer)
  • Smartphones


Greg Martin