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Sharing/syncing database with remote locations

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Sharing/syncing database with remote locations

I have been around and around chasing my tail seemingly with ACT for quiet some time. My problem is this:

I have 2 locations in two states. One office holds a host computer and one indivual has access to that computer. The office in the second location has two users that are not networked. I need both remote users and the host user to be able to make changes to the records and sync at the end of each day like i was able to do in prior versions of ACT. 

We use ACT for all of our client notes and records etc. so to move to another software is last resort but i think the last road sign I passed said "LAST RESORT AHEAD 2 WEEKS"

I bought copies of ACT 2008 NON PREMIUM on the advise of ACT support team.

 All computers have internet access and are running XP Professional and Office 2007.

I was working on this about 5 months ago and had an ACT consultant company who doubles as a networking company come out and several hundred dollars later i have made no progress toward the ACT issue as they had to do a "5HR SITE SURVEY" to tell me that I need more memory on my 3 computers.(which i told them before they ever came out). I actually already begun ordering new computers and they told me " hold off wait till we do our work" .  In short, I am truly frustrated but have recovered enough sanity to try again to get this to work.

What can I do?





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Re: Sharing/syncing database with remote locations

What I would do is:
Get a router with VPN access for the host machine (these are pretty cheap these days)
Then you can set up application sync using VPN with this Knowledge Base article