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Sharing over a domain?

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Sharing over a domain?

I work at a large university with a monster firewall, strict prohibitions on departmental office servers and policies against networking individual computers.  What we have are computers who share a common domain.  My IT department has left me (a non-technical person) to figure this out.  My office purchased 3 copies of ACT! with the hopes that 3 users could share the database but all our IT department is willing to offer us up is a file server/storage location which has been useless in allowing us to share data.  We continually get errors regarding the firewall and SQL server not being installed properly (which, of course, makes sense since SQL server is installed on the individual work stations but not on the file server and, even more frustrating, because the file server isn't a "true" server, SQL CAN'T be installed on it).  And, yes, we have enabled the proper sharing permissions within the actual database.


Being a non-technical person, I've tried my best to pour over the installation requirements and technical documentation and can't find a single topic about sharing databases over a domain.  Is this even possible?

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Re: Sharing over a domain?

ACT! runs fine in a Domain, but it must be installed on the machine hosting the database. There is no way around that.


Have a read of this ACT! Knowledge Base article - How to Share an ACT! by Sage Database over a Network