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Share and synchronize databases

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Share and synchronize databases

Share and synchronize databases
 My problem is:
I have 2 locations in 2 different areas. An office contains a server and a computer that has access to that computer. Office in second place has two non-networked users. I need both the remote user and the server user to be able to change the logs and synchronize at the end of each day as I was able to perform in previous versions of the ACT.

We use the ACT for all our customer notes and records, and so on. To switch to other software is the last resort but I think the last sign I reported to said "LAST RESORT AHEAD 2 WEEKS"

 And I bought the ACT 2008 NON PREMIUM copy on the advice of the ACT support team.

 All computers have internet access and are running XP Professional and Office 2007. It costs a lot but does not work. Really disappointed.

What can I do to solve this problem?

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Re: Share and synchronize databases



Act! PRO (or 2008 standard as it was known at another time) Does not allow the synchronization of remote databases through the internet, unless the users of the SECOND location are connected to the FIRST location through a VIRTUAL PRIVATE  NETWORK (VPN)  In this case, the idea is that both users of the SECOND location can see the SERVER calling it by name    ( Windows key + R )  \\ServerName


Alternative is to upgrade the licenses to the new Act! version V20.1 Premium - this version allow synchronization over the internet


What I suggest is to take the database to Act! Premium Cloud - This way everyone can see the same information via web, mobile and even have a remote database that synchronizes with the PREMIUM CLOUD server through the internet (if any user needs to work offline - or to improve performance and integration with Outlook 2013 OR 2016 32Bit)


SWIFTPAGE - If you wish to consult directly with the commercial department about Prices and Benefits ...

Sales Email:
Sales and Support phone: 866-873-2006
   Sales operation hours:
   Monday to Friday: 8:30am to 7:00pm (EST)



If you want to do a test with a DEMO database ... (User:  Chris Huffman - no password)
WEB (Google Chrome for Windows and MAC) CLICK HERE
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Re: Share and synchronize databases

How long ago were you recommended to get Act! 2008?
What exactly doesn't work?