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Share Permissions - Opening the .PAD file over VPN

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Share Permissions - Opening the .PAD file over VPN

We've just opened a new shop, and have set up a VPN between both sites, and it works a treat.


I've got the ACT! database configured on a server, and two laptops to connect to it. 


I've changed the PAD file so that the host is the IP address rather than the computer name which doesn't transport well ovet the VPN.


The laptop that is on the LAN, connects fine to the database. The remote laptop doesnt.


On opening the PAD file, it connects, it asks for the username, then an error pops up saying that the ACT! could find the database, but we don't have the right permissions to access the folder that contains the files?


Anybody any suggestions?

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Re: Share Permissions - Opening the .PAD file over VPN

Most likely it's the issue as per this ACT! Knowledge Base article -


But VPN is not a good way to access the database ... the VPN overhead causes issues. Much better to sync