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Several weird actions

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Several weird actions

OK, I made of list of a few of the weird things that are happening with the recent puchase of 2009 (upgraded from Act. 6):


1. I open the database and click on the "next" arrow to move to the next record. The TOP of the file (demographics) changes to the new record but the ACTIVITIES tab on the BOTTOM DOESN'T!!! It just stays on the same file as it originally was on.....!!!!!!!!! Therefore, all the records I look at have the "same" activities (not really but it looks that way....) The other tabs work normally!!!!! (so sometimes I'll hit the NOTES tab just to "lock" it in and then back to activities to see if that helps- not always....)


2. When I clear an activity, I'll click on the "Follow Up" button at the bottom. The new screen comes up but the dropdown list that automatically shows is for the TIME, not the DATE; thus I have to click the time first, then manually click the date dropdown arrow. Or I can just click somewhere to remove both dropdowns and start over with the date. The DATE should show up first, NO????


3. When I click on Task List, nothing is listed (I have it set to list TODAY's activities). If I go to any other screen, THEN click back on Task List, the activities DO show up....!!!!


That's a few to chew on.....any ideas??????


thanks folks!!!


Jeffrey Anshel