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Several nagging problems--need help with

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Several nagging problems--need help with

I've been an ACT user since the begining, (I think 1986, when it was made by Contact Software in Carrollton, Texas), and love the program.  I currently am using ACT 2007 Ver. 9.01.162.  There are several nagging problems, that quite frankly, didn't exist in earlier versions, particularly Ver. 6, which I thought was one of the best versions ever.  And wonder if anyone can help me out with these, and thank you in advance:


1 - Envelopes - I've been unable to figure out how to edit a name and address when you're in the contact, and go to print the envelope.  Sometimes I need for the letter to go to a different address or P.O. Box, and I don't want to have to made another Profile for the same contact, just for that.  And as a result I use a DYMO LabelWriter, which is a good alternative and allows me to edit, but I think I should be able to edit while in ACT, earlier versions allowed me. 


2 - Letters, faxes, and templates - not always but a lot of the time, when I go to type a letter, fax, or put together a template, the contact name, or my name as the signature on a letter template, comes out backwards.  For example, just this morning, I wrote a letter to an attorney, and rather than Robert Chesson, Esq., it came out Chesson Robert, Esq.  And I've clicked on the box to the right of the name in the Profile, and double check that the First and Last names are correct, and went to Tools, Preferences, Name Preferences, and made sure that Esq. was on the list etc. and it still doesn't cooperate.  Very annoying. 


3 - Notes - I am a voracious note taker, and for my business (Commercial Real Estate Broker & Developer), it's very important, and if I want to type a note in a Contact, and have it appear in another's Contact's Notes, in the Insert Note Box, I click Contact, and my entire list appears, which is great, but the 1st, and only the 1st time I do this each day from a clean startup, after typing the 2nd letter of the last name of the contact, I get an error message "Item has already been added-key in dictionary:- Key being added"  and if I click ok, it goes away, and I'm good to go to type in the rest of the name etc...and fine for the rest of the day...very annoying and weird....


4 - Activities Tab - Again, not always, but a lot of the time....when I go to either reschedule an appointment or call or todo, whether I've checked off the little square box, and get the next window to reschedule, or whether I highlight the date, and right click to reschedule....once I put the new date and time in and finish by clicking OK, the entire ACT screen minimizes.  Now, I just click on the tab in the tray on the bottom of my screen, but my point is, the program shouldn't minimize when I do this.  The only thing I've noticed is when my email is open, (I use Eudora, and don't email from ACT) and not minimized,  then sometimes, not all the time, ACT won't minimize....again very strange...and annoying...and finally for today,


5 - Reports - Again, not always but a lot of the time, I will do just a simple Contact Report, or Notes/History Report, and when I click on Current Contact, and OK, the report comes up blank...the only way I've found to fix this is to exit ACT, and start it up again, and most of the time (not always) it will then work....wierd and annoying. 


We are a small Real Estate company - 7 people- we don't network via a server, we all use individual licensed copies of ACT at our desktops or laptops, and these problems occur universally on all the machines.  We all have Windows XP with all the updates, service packs, etc.  We were all disappointed a year or 18 months ago, when we upgraded from Vers. 6 to 9 because of these nagging problems.  I've called Tech Support numerous times, even had a contract with them for a year...and we haven't been able to fix any of these nagging problems...Now with this forum, that I've just discovered, I thought maybe someone could help.


Thanks again in advance.   Carl



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Re: Several nagging problems--need help with



You cannot as such edit the envelope when you're within the contact.  You need to set up an envelope to give you the oputput you want.  Go to File->Print->Envelopes->select envelope size->Edit template->delete as apporpriate, insert fields you require -> Save under a new name.  Then choose this template when printing the different envelope, e.g., to a PO Box. 


Re letters, the comma might be causing the problem.  Try dropping it. 


Brendan Lyons