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Several errors with Act V16

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Several errors with Act V16

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Hey there


I have found two errors regarding Act V16 on our system and I believe they may be related.

We are using ACT V16 SP2 and the version number in the help menu is shown as

We are using Windows 7.

We have a main database hosted on a server and have several users with remote databases who sync with this main database.

Hope thats all the basic info needed. If i've missed anything let me know.

Anyway the issues are as follows:

When we have filtered opportunities by a particular user and by closed-lost we receive an object reference not set to an instance of an object error. If we filter by any other user or by this user on other status' then it works. So I have a feeling it is something to do with a specific set of records. However, I can't see a reason as to why these are throwing the error (in the list view) and others are not.



I can't seem to find any knowledgebase articles relating to these issues. Any help would be appreciated