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Settings disappearing - Mail merge, Form Font

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Settings disappearing - Mail merge, Form Font

This has happened on several occasions now without any warning.


I go to create a mail merge and the Email option is grayed out and I have to re-setup email with Outlook to enable mail merge emails through ACT. I  usually send multiple mail merges per week and I have to go through this procedure about once a month it seems.


The other thing that seems to be occurring at the same time is the font I use for notes in Contacts reverts back to 8pt default so I have to go back and change the setting.


Whenever I open ACT it goes straight to my database file and occasionally it is reverting back to the opening screen prompting me to open a file or create a new one instead of automatically opening the same file I use daily. I think this is coinciding with the above 2 issues.


Any suggestions?

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Re: Settings disappearing - Mail merge, Form Font

This would indicate that ACT! is unable to update/read its preference files. If this is a Vista or Windows 7 OS, try 'run as administrator'. To do this:
- close ACT!
- right click ACT! icon
- select Compatibility tab
- enable "run this program as administrator' option at bottom of tab
- click OK
- double click on icon to open and test

Greg Martin