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Setting up Act for Non-Profit, Education

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Setting up Act for Non-Profit, Education

Version Act 2009


Customization for Education setting...

Looking for best way to define fields...


Students, parents, grandparents, staff, employees = Contacts?

Family = Companies?



Have a family "Smith"...

     - Smith family has

          - parents - Mr. Joe (alumni from class of 1975) and Mrs. Ann

          - children - Beth-5, John-9, Mary-11, Ernest 16 (alumni student (class of 2007 in high school)

          - Grandparents - maternal grandparents: Sally and Mark Warner

                                    - paternal granparent: Susan (member of parents association) and

                                                                        Tom (current member of Board of Trustees) Smith


There are other variations on this theme, but this is the gist. Does anyone have experience with setting this up and the best way to handle it, or any suggestions. I know it works because I saw a demo a few years ago in which the consultant had several academic samples.


Thanks for your help! Smiley Happy