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Setting activites across a group (separate ones)

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Setting activites across a group (separate ones)

When I schedule an activity with a group following my ACT helpbook, any time I amend the notes on one of the contacts it copies the information across to All other contacts within the group. I have just noticed that in the top right hand corner of the Schedule Activity box there is a drop down button called options - and it has two options...
One called:
send activity e-mail to contacts (when I click on this, the activity brings up a banner to let me know its selected)
The other one is called:
Create separate activity for each contact BUT when i click on this nothing happens!
And all notes are still amended by group and not individually!! 
Can anyone help please?
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Re: Setting activites across a group (separate ones)

The Create Seperate Activity must be set when you create the new activity.
You can make this the default in Tools | Preferences | Calendar & Scheduling Tab - Scheduling Preferences