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Server Hardware and Basic Sharing

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Server Hardware and Basic Sharing

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Hi guys,


I'm working a in a new small company and we're thinking about purchasing Act! licenses for the 3 of us working in the office. We're looking into how the information is going to be shared, and my boss would prefer the database to be stored on a separate computer for security purposes. In the near future there will be just the three of us, but in the long run the sales force is likely to expand.


What kind of hardware should we be purchasing to run the central database? Do we need a specialised "server" system, or would any computer do?


As I understand it, we could just get any new cheap computer, install Act on it, create our database, share the database folder on the network, and have our "client" computers open that database. Is this a viable solution, and what would you recommend?


Also, what options do we have in the way of "remote hosting"? Does it cost more? Is it slow? And how secure is it?




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Re: Server Hardware and Basic Sharing

For 3 users you can get by with a desktop OS (XP, Vista, Win7)... you would need a server OS (Windows 2003 or 2008) if looking at >9


I'd get a machine with a fast drive (7200 is min, 10K or 15K is better) and if just for ACT!, 2GB RAM min, 4GB better


Here are the steps toset up on the server: