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Server Execution failed

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Server Execution failed


I'm having a problem with Sage Time Slips.  At first I had a server execution problem.  The Class ID was BB7EIE05-FoFo-42B6-A-B6C437114E6E7F. 


Another computer is showing an error that states:  Attempted to read corrupted data.  Use the repair Errors option in Data Verification to attempt a repair. 


Area: Table

Code: 11

Addrress: Execption tBDEFieldExceptionC in module Timeslips.exe at 0093BB46.



Table: Timekeeper Security

RecordL 4801

Field: Personal Settings

BDE Code: 0


There is also a PDOX on that second computer error.



Now as I run the billing, it came up with a timer error, stating someone has  TS timer on.  As I went to each computer to shut the timer off,  I did the data verification and it came up with 3 errors.  I bypassed that and continued to do the billing.  TS stopped at a particular client's name.  I tried running it 3 times with the same result. 

How do I keep the TS timer from showing up on computers so I can run the bills?


Thank you! 

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Re: Server Execution failed

Hello Short,

Welcome to the Sage ACT! Online Community!


This particular community is set up for Sage ACT! questions and issues, you will want to visit the Sage Timeslips community for assistance with this issue.  Here is a link to the Sage Timeslips Community.

Greg Martin