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Sending an Activity/Meeting to a different time zone

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Sending an Activity/Meeting to a different time zone

We are a UK business working with America and Europe, and according to the Act! 2008 help menu, the new version does allow you to send a meeting confirmation to a different time zone, and this email they receive will adjust automatically.


I tried this through Act! direct by Schedule>Meeting, then through the 'options' in the upper right corner of the screen, clicking send activity e-mail to contacts. I have Outlook integrated and when you do this, there is a little warning message that states '!Contact will receive e-mail notification of the activity' which is what I was hoping for - but when I click 'OK' to set it, nothing seems to happen and no e-mail from my sent box.


When I do this through my outlook calendar, which I am accustomed to doing, it works fine, but I suspect the time will not be adjusted to the time zone setting.


On a related issue, how does Act! know the timezone? Which field does this pull the information from?...or is this a function that happens on the other end once received in some way?


This is such a useful function and could save loads of time googling the exact time zone every time - does anyone know how to get this to work?


Chris Rad

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Re: Sending an Activity/Meeting to a different time zone

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Ah....  I feel a bit silly, as I sent the above post I saw the outlook message minimized at the bottom of my screen, as below... quite handy really! My only question is will Justin (in Texas) recieved the meeting adjusted to his time zone?... there is a .ATV file attached to the message and I'm wondering if this is the magic button? - but not sure what a .ATV file is?



Just a reminder concerning our upcoming meeting:

REGARDING: Introduction

DATE: 16 August 2008

TIME: 15:00

DURATION: 30 minutes



Open this e-mail message through ACT! E-mail and double-click the attachment to add it to the currently open database.

Message Edited by ChrisR on 08-16-2008 05:40 AM