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Sending Email From a

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Sending Email From a



Due to Hotmail deciding that we are a "spammer" we have had to set up a new email account from which to send out regular newsletters and offers from./ This in essence seemed fairly straight forward and we created the new email address set up, and it tests without issue, pop and smtp all OK etc.


We have also selected the new email account in the filed "Send Email From" in the wizard.


However - when we create a new email to send, or try to send a mail from within a record, use a template or anything, the Send Email From is still the original email account, with no option to select the new account, let alone seeing it as the default.


We have stopped and started Act! even rebooted the server. We are receiving email into the inbox from the new account to


All I want to do is change from the old email address to the new email address as a deafult to send from. Is there is a deeper setting that I haven't uncovered! I've been using Act! for 18 months, set it up myself and its been excellent. I have over 7,500 customer records on it and send some 30-100 emails per day and until now, never had an issue.


Anyone got any ideas as I have spent all day tearing what little hair I have left out in clumps!! I've tried the search on here and in other places, but nothign seems to point to what it might be that I have done/got to do.

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Re: Sending Email From a



ACT! will only send from the default account. You will need to set the new account as the default in Outlook, then your mass emails will send from the correct account.