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Sending Activity Email from the Activities Tab

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Sending Activity Email from the Activities Tab

I am having difficulties with sending activity emails for some (but not all)of scheduled tasks. The problem is intermittent and is not related to one specific contact or type of activity. It often happens that if I have several activities scheduled for one contact, sending activity email will work for some and won't work for others.


Here's what I do. I choose an activity from the list in the Activities Tab. Right click on the activity and pick the Send Activity Email option, and nothing happens.

If I open the same activity and click the option "send invitation email" in the Schedule Activity dialog, I get the following error: "Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt." 


Does anyone else experience the same problem?


Another useful bit of info: I often Create Activities from Emails, which includes the entire body of email into the details tab. Could it be that extra long detail tabs cause this type of problem?