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Seeing different contacts on a communication (task, ...)

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Seeing different contacts on a communication (task, ...)



I'm having problems with the following views in ACT (2010 Standard version UK):

- Task views

- Agenda

- Reporting


When I'm creating a task (communication) and I add different contacts to this communication I will see one contact with a plus sign. This plus sign does indicate that there are more persons linked to this communication. And it's possible to see this communication more in detail, but that's not wat I want. I want to see it directly in consult mode.


Problem: I don't see directly which other people are linked and I'm not able to print this (on such a way that the other contacts will also arrive on the communication).


How can I adapt this? If not possible, can this be programmed? Is there an addon that will give me this possiblity?

Any feedback is welcome.




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Re: Seeing different contacts on a communication (task, ...)


We have developed an add-on for ACT! that has the ability to select any field from contacts and/or the activity table. It also will display all users attached to the not just the "+" sign.


The add-on is called Calendar View Plus for ACT! and you can read more here:


We have a free 30 day trial that you can download from a link on that page.


Hope this helps

-- Jim Durkin