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Secondary Contacts NOT Synced.

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Secondary Contacts NOT Synced.

In our office we had 2 computers with Sage Pro 2010.  We have 2 licenses and are syncing.  However secondary contacts are NOT syncing 100%.  Not all Updates on one computer make it to the second. For example:  I changed a Province in the remote DB.  That update did not make it to the Primary DB.  I removed a mobile phone in the Primary DB.  That removal did not make it to the Remote DB.  Does anyone have any ideas of how to keep our data current with this problem.  I can see that over time, this will become a huge problem, what is the REAL value will become a question. Especially as some data DOES make it...  Is this a problem with Sage itself or is there something I am doing wrong possibly?

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Re: Secondary Contacts NOT Synced.

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Run database maintenance, on both databases, to see if that will resolve the issue: Tools > Database Maintenance > Check and Repair.

Greg Martin