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Secondary Contact Sort By Contact Issue (V16)

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Secondary Contact Sort By Contact Issue (V16)

I use secondary contacts extensively.  If there a number of contacts in the secondary tab, sorting by one of the headers is useful.  I just noticed that not all fields will sort correctly when clicked.  Was this the intended feature?  For example, it sorts well on Company and Title but not Contact or Web Site.  (Those are the only colums being displayed)

John Purdy
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Re: Secondary Contact Sort By Contact Issue (V16)

You should still be able to sort on any one of those fields. Contacts will sort based off of last name. If you have any secondary contacts that are listed as only what a person would recognize as a First name, they will be placed in the database as a last name, which could explain why the contacts might appear to not be sorting properly.

Elise O'Pry
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