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Second time in 30 days

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Second time in 30 days

I have been using ACT for over 12 years. Now I am done. Finished. No more.

For the second tiime in 30 days the entire office cannot acces the main database. The famouse firewall message comes out of the blue. I know that it is a windows update that messes it up. But yesterday I spent TWO hours on hold waiting for support. After an hour it dropped me. After the second hour I gave up Now I am dropping ACT.

The company was ready to upgrade to 2012 and Premium. We even bought a new windows server that just came out of the box. Now I'll spend that upgrade money on a cloud based system.

I probably should not be posting this on a help forum but frustration forced it. I am getting rid of an old friend that has just gotten too hard to live with.
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Re: Second time in 30 days

Sorry to hear of this and thankfully this doesn't normally happen - certainly not in the UK.

However, consider the potential cost in time and money before trying to transfer your ACT! data to any 'cloud' system.

Also be aware that a 'cloud' contact management database not not often live up to the promises they make and your expectations.

Please reconsider your decision in the cold light of day.

Buyer beware!

David Shaw
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Re: Second time in 30 days


We're sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue accessing your database, from your description it sounds as if the 'SQL Server (ACT7)' service has been stopped on your server.  Restarting that service should restore your access.


For instructions on starting the 'SQL Server (ACT7)' service, see the following article: KB Article 28216


Unfortunately, we were experiencing an issue with our phone system yesterday - which did result in dropped calls and longer than expected hold times.  Changes were implemented last night to try and prevent the same from occurring again.

Greg Martin
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Re: Second time in 30 days

I'm sorry you're having an issue with this.  


ACT does have a hosting provider program. We are a part of this and in addition to offering a cloud based ACT solution (via citrix). We offer support for our "cloud" users. You may check with other Hosting providers to see if they offer the same.


I"ve sent you a private message.  





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