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Second User and/or Changing the primary field used for searching

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Second User and/or Changing the primary field used for searching

New to ACT! here and I'm using Pro 2012.


I've done a fair amount of searching in this community and have been able to, somewhat, get an answer for one of my questions. However, I would like to ask it anyway in the hope I missed something.


Is it possible to have an additional contact for a business card? Our database has some contacts that share the same address (i.e. two people living at the same house), but for importing, you can only have one contact come in, correct? How can I go about being able to import the second contact?


Additionally, if I am able to do the previously mentioned, is there a way I can change the primary field used when running a search? Say if I wanted to search for the address, rather than the person to find out their address. Or is the Contact always the primary?


Would building a custom template rectify the questions I have raised? If not, can you please point me in the direction of resources that can help me get a better understanding of the overall use of the product or training material that can help me.



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Re: Second User and/or Changing the primary field used for searching

Hello Abass,

Welcome to the ACT! Community!


To try and cover most of your questions...


1. Import contact: The import process will only create one contact record per record in the import file.  That is to say, if you have a single record to import that contains 2 names - it will only create a single contact record.  If you want it to create 2 contact records, you would need to duplicate the record in the import file and update the contact field with the second name.  If you want a single contact record to contain both names, an alternative would be to create addtional fields for the second name - then map the second name to the custom fields during the import.


2. Change default search:  If you are referring to the Search window in the left hand column, there isn't a built-in option to change the default.  However; Exponenciel has created a free add-on that can change the default.  Here is a link to their add-on:


3. For more information about the functions of Sage ACT!, the best place to start is the 'Feature Tours' found under the Help menu within the program.  They are basic short videos to help acquiant you to the multiple features.  Instructions specific to defining fields and layouts can be found in the article:

Define Fields

Design Layouts

Greg Martin