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Search Fails with Index Truncated Error Message

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Search Fails with Index Truncated Error Message

Running ACT Pro Version, Hot Fix 1 on Win 7. Single User, database on local machine.


I open Act & the database, go to Contacts List Screen and type the name of a company I want to search against. This brings up the search screen with the company name preentered. When I hit "GO" I get an error message that says:


"$E 0001 Unable to access index c:\.....\index_d_1.ix is truncated. Committed size=29163520 Actual size=0 (file:index_d.ix)


I tried running [and rerunning] database maintenance and repair, which had no impact. I also tried moving the 0 byte file out of the folder thinking that might for a rebuild but that just produced a different error.


Thanks in advance for any help!

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Re: Search Fails with Index Truncated Error Message

The particular search function that you are using (Universal Search) relies on a series of index files. More than likely, these files have somehow become corrupted. You had the right idea on trying to move that file out to try to fix this, but there are a few extra steps that you need to follow in order to rebuild these files. See the knowledgebase below for complete instructions on rebuilding the indices files.

Elise O.
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