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Screen Resizing???

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Screen Resizing???

Can someone tell me why the Contact Detail screen keeps resizing it's self, everytime you log in.  Meaning: the portion that contains Notes, History, and so on keeps srinking in height.  This is very irritating. 


The same thing happens in the calender view, when I log out it is showing 1 mini calander plus my days activities.  When I log back in, Twice my days activities have disappeared and all I am able to see are mini calanders, 7 or 8 of them.  When this happens it is a real chore to get the activities to move to the right, so you can view or resize the activity screen.  Anyone else??? 

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Re: Screen Resizing???



QUOTE: "...disappeared and all I am able to see are mini calanders, 7 or 8 of them.."


You have damaged preference files. You did not mention which version of ACT! or Windows you have so I don't know exactly where these files are going to be. The files in question are called 'PreferencesBak.xml' and 'UKPreferences206.xml' (different prefix depending on your region).


They're are hidden files so bear this in mind when you search for them. Try the following location (XP):

C:\documents and settings\<username>\Application Data\ACT\ACT For Windows XX\


Make sure you have ACT! closed, delete these files and then re-open ACT! and it will recreate new files.

Obviously deleting the preferences files with have other effects. You will be prompted with the getting started wizard, so make sure you know where your database is stored before you do this.


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