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School fund raising use - please help a newbie

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School fund raising use - please help a newbie

I work for a school and we want to use ACT to manage our prospect database. I want to manage my contacts by family so when I pull up a record I have mom's name, dad's name, and any and all children. How should I set this up in ACT?





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Re: School fund raising use - please help a newbie

If you're new, this may be a little difficult to perceive. 


ACT has something called companies.  You will then use a combination of custom fields and linking.  In the company view you will create a tab called "Family Members" and then under that tab create enough fields for all the family members.  You will then link these fields to the contact view, so that they will show up whether you are looking at a company or a contact. 


The downside to the way I'm suggesting is that the creation of the linked information is very manual.  Meaning, you will create a new contact that is a family member (probably by duplicating another record).  You will then have to double enter the name and other desired information in the Family Members tab in the company view.  You can then adjust the contact layout so that the family members show on the top half or create a "Family Members" tab on the contact view that would show the linked fields. 


I hope this didn't confuse you too much, and as I always point out, there are a plethora of very talented specialists that support this board.  If there is a way that would be a little more simple, I'm hoping that it will be posted soon.



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Re: School fund raising use - please help a newbie

You have a couple of different options available and a lot will depend on preference. The most simple option could be to create each member of the family as a contact and then create relations for them on the relationship tab, this will ensure they're linked to one another, but each one has a separate detail sheet for their own particular data.


An idea similar to the poster above me would be to use groups and create a group per family. Such as one group might be the Smith family, then you can either create contacts for each family member and link them, or simply create fields on the groups page to enter names for each member of the family. My only concern with the latter of those two suggestions is departing from contacts may inhibit the use of more contact centric functions in act.  

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Re: School fund raising use - please help a newbie

My company had a similar need.  What I decided to do was to utilize the groups to achieve a "household" effect.  You would create a contact record for each member of the household. You would then assign each member of the household to the same group.  You can also add a relationship to each contact for further association.


Example: Smith household

Step 1: Create a contact record for each person: Mom Smith, Pop Smith, Daughter Smith, Son Smith

Step 2: Next create a group and call it Smith (add first letter to last name if more than one Smith household ie. SmithP)

Step 3: Assign each contact record to the Smith group (this will allow to you see all activities, notes, histories, etc. for each member of the household all in the group area)

Step 3: [optional] Under the relationship tab, assign Mom Smith to Pop Smith with the relationship Spouse. Assign each of the kids to one or both of the parents.  You can create your own custom relationships.


Hope this helps.