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Schedule a Letter - Smart Tasks - Excited, then not Excited

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Schedule a Letter - Smart Tasks - Excited, then not Excited

I heard about the Smart Taks in Act & was excited, downloaded Act 2011, went to setup my first Smart Task. I wanted to setup a task when a new contact is created, to automatically schedule a series of 3 different Template letters to them.


However, I only see the options for a Task, Call, or Email, Vacation, & can not find a way to schedule 3 different letters, or let alone how to select one single letter template. Only the option to schedule a To Do, then I would still need to to go Mail> Other Template & create each letter each time for many many different contacts.


Here is what I am trying to do, tell me if there is a way with Act 2011.


I want to create a new contact, and schedule a series of letters that will go to that contact each month, but I don't want to find each contact later on & find out what stage of the letter series they are on, & send that letter. I want to have all the letters presceduled ahead of time and just send them out as they are due.


I am a real estate agent currently using Top Producer 7i which has similar features if anybody is familiar with that product, but tired of the month fees each month of $45 a month or $540 annually.



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Re: Schedule a Letter - Smart Tasks - Excited, then not Excited

I am also a real estate agent in Toronto Canada who has decided not to use Top Producer because of the fees and that it is a canned product with many limitations.


I have very recently started using Smart Tasks in Act! Pro 2011 (I don't use Act! for Real Estate) and have come to the conclusin that you have to use it in conjuction with Swiftpage in order to send out your letters. 


How has your experience with SM been so far? 


Are you using Act! for real estate. 


Would be a good idea to have a forum for Act! real estate users to share tips and solutions.