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Saving Deleted Contacts

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Saving Deleted Contacts

I use Act 2009 for contacts that I sometimes have to delete, and then 2 months later, I might need those contacts again. Is there a way to delete a contact from all lists and printouts, BUT be able to retrieve them if I should need them on the master list again?


Or, I would settle for being able to put those deleted contacts in a deleted database that I could easily switch back and forth between.


Thanks in advance for your help!



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Re: Saving Deleted Contacts

Hello chazperx.


It all depends on how you gather the names for what ever use you have in mind.  I would suggest making a more extended use of the ID/STATUS field, groups, or companies.  Again it all depends.


You might want to consider using an ID/Status entry of "Dormant".  Then take advantage of features in the advanced lookup tool.  For example, for current contacts, you would create an advanced lookup containing your criteria and then add an additional restriction of "Does Not Contain" "Dormant" in the ID/Status Field.


If your lookup contains multiple criteria, make sure you include the parantheses to group the criteria.  For example, you might want to look up people in "CA" or "NY" and not ID/Status Contains Dormant.  The first two would have the connector of "OR" and be included inside parantheses and the connector "AND" for the ID/Status criteria.


It would look like this:


( Contact State Contains CA or

  Contact State Contains NY) and

Contact ID/Status Does Not Contain Dormant End

Save the lookup so you can use it again in the future. 


Hope this helps. 

John Purdy
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