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Same user accessing the same opportunities

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Same user accessing the same opportunities

I have a generic user called Sales and there are at least two people who use the Act system with this user over the network.  They synchronise three times per day.  How would opportunities be synchronised if updated or deleted?  For example if one person created an opportunity and a second person deleted the opportunity, who would take precedence?
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Re: Same user accessing the same opportunities

Why are you having more than one user use the same login?  This ends up 'breaking' the way that Act! is able to track data updates and history, etc.


The last  change made is the one that will win.   This applies to any data types in Act!, not just opportunities.


That said, no matter when another user had made a modification to a record on their remote database, if another user has deleted that record, it will be deleted.  This makes sense if you think about how it works if all of the users are sharing the same database on a network:  If a record is deleted, there is no way for a user to modify it because it is gone...  The net result of a deletion in sync is the same...