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Same database, two computers?

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Same database, two computers?

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What would be the simplest way for me to use the same database on two computers (never at the same time)?

I have a computer at the office, and one at home. The way I used to do this in Act! 2000 was that I simply copied all the database files from one computer to the other. With this method, I avoided all the lengthy process of synchronizing, especially since I was basically just synchronizing with myself.

Now with Act! 2008, it seems that the files are locked, so Windows Explorer doesn't allow me to simply copy and paste them from one computer's database directory to the other computer's database directory.

I looked into the Knowledge Base (the following page: but I don't think that synchronizing is exactly what I want to do.

The only thing I can think of right now is to create a Backup database on one computer (i.e. a zip file), and then do a Restore from the other computer (using that zip file).

Any alternate suggestions?



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Re: Same database, two computers?

Setting up sync would be the best options - have a look in the act documentaion for how to do this