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Same Opportunities Multiple Contacts at different stages

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Same Opportunities Multiple Contacts at different stages

I would like to use the same Opportunity for multiple contacts: My problem is that each contact is at a different stage. When I change the stage for 1 contact it is changing it for all contacts associated with this opportunity. Is that really the case? Do I not have the option to change the stage for only 1 contact? Do I really need to create a new opportunity for each contact?


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Re: Same Opportunities Multiple Contacts at different stages

When you link an oppertunity to more than one contact there is only one oppertunity record. I would think by definition that if the oppertunity is at different stages for different contacts it's not the same oppertunity and you would need to have separate oppertunity records.

Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Same Opportunities Multiple Contacts at different stages

Hi Roy,

I'm new to ACT! v17 and also new to this community. 

I'm trying to setup a streamlined application hiring process with one opportunity (job type) that is to be linked with multiple contacts but each contact would be on it's own unique stage. 

Our current process involves creating contacts from outlook upon recieving an applicant's application.

We then assign them a ID/Status in ACT! and intend to use Mail Merge to provide them additional information to proceed with the hiring process. Since some applicants may respond and some may not, we will end up in different stages. We would like to have the ability to use the same opportunity if we could simply add an additional field within each opportunity to select individual stages for each contact respectively.

What do you recommend we do in order to minimize redundant work?