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Same Email On Multiple Contacts Issue

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Same Email On Multiple Contacts Issue

Hello Everyone,


     I'm just trying to figure out how an issue a client of mine could have occurred.  I have a client using ACT 2010 with the database on the server with the latest HotFix.  They access the database from about 4 client computers. 


     Well a user was adding a new contact to ACT.  Everything seemed to work as usual however now the email from the new contact has replaced the email address of many contacts.  How could this have happened?  I went on the database and did the maintenance with no issues found.  Just trying to figure out if it was something the user did accidently or the database having some issues.  Thanks.

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Re: Same Email On Multiple Contacts Issue

Most likely, someone did a edit replace. The only remedy for this is to restore from a backup.

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