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Sales tracking question

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Sales tracking question

Hi All,


I have just purchased ACT 10 for a non-profit and imported contact information formerly on Excel sheets.  The purpose is to actively manage donors and appeals.  I'm having a hard time finding where to put and how to track donations.  In my day job, I am a salesman and use my company's contact management software.  One of the critical features there is to know how much business has done over a given period of time (or by transaction) so we know how to categorize and service the account.  In this new case, that's more or less what I have to do.  The non-profit also uses software called "One Who Serves" which does a good job of tracking the stuff I just described but can't break it down into more detailed reports.


We are using XP and Quickbooks.


So the question is: how do I track donations by account for both dates of gifts and cumulative gifts over a range of time?


Thanks for any ideas or references to tutorials/threads that speak to this, Skip



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Re: Sales tracking question

The primary sales function in ACT! is the Opportunities function. Given that, you could create Opportunities for the gifts and donations, and the Opportunity reports in ACT! should provide you the needed data. Please see KB Article 13962 for information on managing Opportunities.

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.

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Re: Sales tracking question

That helps a little.  The issue is more the process and volume.  In most cases, there is no sales effort.  Checks or pledges come in completely unsolicited.  There is no advantage in pre-supposing a probability.  Sometimes people sign-up for monthly credit card debits.  Some mail in a check.  What I'd really like to do is log those in on the accounting software and transfer them to ACT so we can see what segments of our supporters are doing well, poorly, being recognized, need encouragement, etc. 


Hypo:  Mr. Kripotkin has always sent us $250 a year.  This year he sends us $400 in May from a solicited appeal and another $600 in October out of the blue.  That puts him at the $1,000+ annual giving level.  The campaign committee only knows about the first $400.  At this point he is at a different recognition level, will receive different approachs and gets a personal thank-you from a board member.  I want to know when he hits the $1,000 level, who else is at that level, that he gets a thank you letter and an accurate annual tally for his tax records.   Is this representative of others with similar affinities or associations with the organization?  Do we raise his contact frequency?


The sponsorships and other commercial appeals will be run more like a sales business but that is a much more manageable number of contacts.


Long story short, I need to know more about done deals than I need to know about prospects or prospecters.  When we see a trend in favor of a campaign, we bolster it.  When a market segment is underperforming, we make a decision whether to improve it or let it lapse. 


I hope I made a decent case here.  This might not be the ideal software for this application but I used ACT professionally some years back and really liked the way I could schedule activities by priority. 


Thanks again and keep those ideas coming,  sh

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Re: Sales tracking question

What's your Accounting System?  Don Gruber has just released a new QuickBooks to ACT Link that does exactly what you have ask for.  It synchs accounting data into ACT so that you can incorporate accounting data with ACT data in reports.


He says that he can make it work with other accounting programs as well.  check it out at .


You could also import the data from any program on a regular schedule with OakMerge (I think) ask Alan Lee at

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Re: Sales tracking question

Thanks for the plug Jim.  Yes, that is one of the unique features of our Quickbooks Link for ACT!, is that it brings the sales data into fields in ACT! so that you can use the data in lookups, reports, etc. 


We have recently added some brief online videos to our website that give you a nice overview of how the product works.




Don Grubor

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