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Sales Opportunities - Would like to listen what others do

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Sales Opportunities - Would like to listen what others do

I´ve being using ACT in last 15 years at least.

The way ACT manages Products it is not good. Ok, it is possible to add and change basic information but when a user has more products (and I have more than 500) to keep it update is not an easy task.

I have tried Impact Business Suite (Durkin) and QuoteWerks.

Impact has many options but none of them (from what I know) allow me to feed ACT! opportunities or sales funnel.

QuoteWerks seem´s to be very nice to handle products list, update it, create opportunities BUT it is not able to create ACT! opportunities WITH ALL PRODUCTS SELECTED in it´s interface.

Support says it is an ACT! problem.

As a workaround I still keep my business opportunities, forecasts and all sales and products related controls in Excel.

I would like to have all this controls connected to ACT! register but I could not find yet an easiest way.

Does anybody have a suggestion?

How others are dealing with this, if any?

Finally, I use ACT!, Durkin Impact V5 and tried QuoteWerks 5.

Best regards.

Mac, Jorge A. Mac Genity
Using ACT! by Sage 2013 Pro Version, on Windows 7
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