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Sales Automation Manager - alternatives?

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Sales Automation Manager - alternatives?

Hi, I was just wondering if there are any alternatives to Northwoods Sales Automation Manager.  It seems like a very useful product but I'm just curious about what other people might be using to automate ACT.  Whether these are addons, or personal techniques within ACT.
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Re: Sales Automation Manager - alternatives?

Peggy - 


No a whole lot of options.  SAM is super-powerful and a complete solution, which makes it hard to find a competitor that offers so many options.  However, there are a few suggestions.  One is Activity Series, which unfortunately is limited to just stringing together activities - although this could be useful if that's most of what you want to automate - phone call, letter, another call, etc.


Second, there is a program that allows "scripting", or macros might be another way of putting it.  You can trigger events, changes, pop-ups, etc basically on any action or field change in ACT!  However, you need to write a script for each action - kind of like a step in SAM for each action, but not as easy.  The good thing about this is that is runs immediately (if desired) and does not have to go through the campaign like in SAM.  For example, if you want something (field calculation, ToDo scheduled) to happen when some field value is changed, this will do it.


Feel free to email me with any questions, as I do quite a bit of SAM implementation, but additionally do quite a bit of programming.  Hope this helps... 

Richard Brust
ACT! Certified Consultant