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Sage Act! & Accounts over VPN

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Sage Act! & Accounts over VPN

We're opening a new site next week, and have configured a VPN between both sites. 


We are looking to run ACT! over the VPN, with one server and two laptops that can access the database as required. 


We also need ACT! to integrate with instant accounts (plus) which again we will install the database on the server, and then access it via a laptop on the LAN (which will be the main accounts department) whilst the remote office will simply be creating invoices from ACT! and then printing them out, which should run over the VPN, albeit slowly. 


Can anybody see any problems arising from this?

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Re: Sage Act! & Accounts over VPN

It is possible (fairly likely) you will experience some latency (slowness) if you have the data on one computer at one end of hte vpn and are running the programs on the computer at the other end of the vpn.  It may or may not be significant.


Using some kind of a remote desktop (or remote control) like Citrix, goto my pc, log me in, will allow you to run the programs where the data is.  IN this case all that passes over the vpn is screens and keyboards which is less data and therefor would be faster.


For ACT, there is an option of setting up remote database synchronization which would also be faster in most cases.

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