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Sage Act Pro Question

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Sage Act Pro Question

We've got Sage ACT Pro and need a little advice.

Is there a way to have a clients history update automatically when you book an activity into the calendar so that the Last Meeting field on the Contact page fills in in much the same way as the Email and Letter sent field fill in automatically? At the moment the only way to get the Last Meeting field to fill in is by going to History and entering it manually.

We also need to update a lot of past customers Last Meeting dates which if we had to do it manually could take forever.

Any help gratefully received.





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Re: Sage Act Pro Question

Simon, the way that the Last Meeting is updated is when the activity is cleared.  Then the results go into the history tab and the last meeting, last call, etc., are all updated.  There is a way to clear multiple activities, but unfortunately, the date is not the date of the meeting or activity - it is the date you cleared them.  So if you go to the task list, highlight all the ones you want to clear, then right-click and select "clear multiple activities", it gives you a choice for completed, not completed or erase.  If you do it today and choose completed or not completed, then the history will show as 3/15/11.  If you choose erase, it is like it was never on the calendar.  Hope that helps!  Brenda

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