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Sage Act Pro 2011 - Cannot open dbase

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Sage Act Pro 2011 - Cannot open dbase

My laptop was recently attacked by a virus.  I had to wipe and reload everything on my computer.  I cannot get my database to open.  The error message says I need to make sure no firewalls are up and make sure I have a good network connection.  This doesn't make any sense because the dbase is not on a network, it is on the hardrive of the laptop.  Very confusing.


The Actdemo opens up fine.  Not sure why I can't get my main dbase to open.  Please help!

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Re: Sage Act Pro 2011 - Cannot open dbase

The firewall CAN still cause trouble when your database is local.  However, the fact that the demo opens without a problem would fly in the face of this being the issue...


How exactly did you "re-install" the database after the virus wipage?


Which version of ACT!?

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Re: Sage Act Pro 2011 - Cannot open dbase

Knowing that the computer was 'wiped', the computer name and or file path for the database most likely have changed.  If the database was copied (not restored from a backup), the PAD file may have the incorrect information. 


- Rename the PAD file associated with your database (add '.old' to the end)

- Launch Sage ACT!

- Go to File > Open Database

- Change File Type to ADF

- Browse to your database ADF file and select it

- Press Enter to attempt to open (it will recreate the PAD file)

Greg Martin