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Sage ACT pro 2012

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Sage ACT pro 2012

I have Sage ACT pro 2012

I have several different categories of contacts that I must to have the ability to separate. I currently use Outlook and it is a nightmare.  Example:  SWAG Dealers, NRA, 4H, Family, Turbo Kit users, and a few more like that.

What would be the best way to do this? Should I edit the “ID/Status” for each or “create group of contacts” which I’m having trouble with.

 I had categorized all my contacts in” User 1” in Outlook which has imported into act.

Can that be merged into the correct field you recommend?

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Re: Sage ACT pro 2012

Hello Travisimel,

Welcome to the Sage ACT! Online Community!


There are multiple ways you can go about identifying your contacts, certainly - using Groups is a good way to do this. 

Since you have the contacts identified in a field already, you don't 'have' to move the data to another field... that would be a choice you'll need to make.  Should you want to copy the data to a different field, you can create a Lookup > use the Edit > Copy Field option. 

Note: Always make a backup before making mass changes within the database (File > Backup > Database).


To create Groups to help identify your contacts quickly, you can use the 'Dynamic Criteria' option and have it search for the field in which the data resides.  Here is an example using your example:

Group Name = SWAG Dealers

Criteria = Field 'User 1' , Operator 'Equal To', Value = 'SWAG Dealer'.


This Group would automatically contain any new contacts added to the database, where 'User 1' contains 'SWAG Dealer'.

Here is an article explaining how to create a Group and the criteria: KB Article 12864




Greg Martin