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Sage ACT! attachments and encryption

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Sage ACT! attachments and encryption

Is it possible to encrypt Sage ACT! attachments. Whilst the database itself requires a password, the folder containing attachments has anything stored there unprotected. Does ACT! have an encryption capability.


If it is not possible for ACT! to self encrypt, what the file types that can be stored as an ACT! attachment. I use a simple piece of freeware called Axcrypt to encrypt files on my hard drive. It leaves the original file name but gives the file a .axx extension. If you click on the file the Axcrypt program pops up a window where you can type in the password/passphrase, then the file opens as normal.

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Re: Sage ACT! attachments and encryption

I don't believe that ACT has any way to "self encrypt".


From what you said about Axcrypt, the best way to find out is to test it.  Any file type should be able to be stored as an attached document.  It is whether or not you have the program to see the document on your system that would be the defining element.

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Re: Sage ACT! attachments and encryption

It might work for some functions and not others...

EG: Universal Search would probably fail; Editing in the Documents Tab; sync/web users might have issues

If security is a major concern ... even the ACT! password is no issue to someone who gets the ADF file or access to the server console.

If security is a major worry, then Windows security permissions are the way to go ... and setting Preferences to not allow attached files