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Sage ACT! Pro 2011 Reboot issues

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Sage ACT! Pro 2011 Reboot issues

My ACT database is on a network of 4 computers--1 server and 3 licensed machines.


Nearly every time I reboot the server, when I access the database from my computer, three of my customized settings are automatically set back to default:


1) I like my cleared activities to show greyed out--it changes back to not showing cleared activities and to using the strikeout method.


2) I severs the connection with Outlook 2010 and prompts me to set up my e-mail system. It's simple, but it's nearly EVERY DAY.


3) It changes my word processor from the ACT! word processor to Microsoft Word. Whenever it's set to MS Word, I can't use all the templates that I created with the ACT! word processor.


These little changes are annoying, perhaps inconsequential, but I'd sure like to figure out a way to set up the database and keep it set up. Any thoughts?