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Sage ACT Premium Licensing Question

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Sage ACT Premium Licensing Question

We bought 35 Sage ACT Premium licenses.  Are these licenses valid forever, or do we need to renew every year?  Thanks.

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Re: Sage ACT Premium Licensing Question

Valid forever ... unless you decide to upgrade.

Typically, unless there is a specific feature or support for new OS/Office that you want, most users upgrade every 2-3 years
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Re: Sage ACT Premium Licensing Question

If you just purchased ACT 2012, it's good as long as you want to use it.  However, Sage releases a new version every fall.  With new versions are the following - bug fixes, some new features, and compatibility with newer versions of other software (for example your web browser, OFFICE, Windows and Server Operating system.


In the past, they have not patched older versions of the software when something new has comes out.


So, if your environment (the comptuers and servers and software) is pretty stable and you don't anticipate any changes in the next couple of years, you can go 2-3 years without upgrading and do just fine.


If you like the latest new things they add, or want to always stay on the curent version, or if you anticipate replacing old workstations or servers, it 's usually best to stay on the latest and greatest.


There are two choices for staying up with the latest.  1) purchase upgrade assurance (1 or 2 or 3 years at a time) to always keep up to date.  This is sold with optional support form Sage if you need that.  or 2) purchase upgrade versions when you need them. Sage is pretty notorious for end of the month or end of the quarter sales, so watch for a deal.


If you are considering utilizing a consultant to asssit with installation, conversion, training, etc. consider purchaseing from your consultant as many of us can get you better pricing.

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