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Sage ACT PRO 2012 - Calendar Syncronization Failed

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Sage ACT PRO 2012 - Calendar Syncronization Failed

It got to the point with SAGE ACT 2011 that it would not sync calender events or emails. It also stopped syncing meetings I accepted in Outlook 2010 with ACT. I spoke with someone at SAGE who suggested upgrading to ACT PRO 2012, which I have done but the same problems persisted. I contacted SAGE support today and spent nearly 2 hours on the phone with a technician who was very courteous and helpful. However, at the end of the call, and after he also consulted with other technicians, he adivsed me that the problem is that I am running Windows Office 2007 and Outlook 2010. Has anyone else heard of this and has anyone been able to fix it? I"m mystified because it was completely working at one time with exacltly the same MS Office and Outlook versions running. I may try to revert to ACT 2011 just to get a refund, or see if there is a way to install Outlook 2007. But I would hate to do that and find that it still doesn't work. My only other thought is to sychronize with Google. Does anyone have experience syncing Google and ACT for contacts calendar and email? Thanks
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Re: Sage ACT PRO 2012 - Calendar Syncronization Failed

Have a look int he Windows Event Viewer and the see this ACT! Knowledge Base article -

To be honest, I prefer to avoid the Outlook or Google sync ... they break easily and can cause data duplication or loss (like wiping all the activities in ACT! I've seen a few times). This is worse if Outlook syncs to anything else (eg Exchange of phones). Also, they don't support international counrty codes and this creates other issues for users with contacts out of North America.