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STRANGE database will not open

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STRANGE database will not open

This is strange, I have a database called "Chuck",  that will not open, however my secondary database called "Band Directors"  will open without any problems. 

My main database, "Chuck",  keeps giving the error that the IP address could not be resolved, verifying the PC computer is available on the network that it has the correct...... this is a typical error, but I don't receive this error with the other database"Band Directors". 


I have act on another computer and I copied the same data base"Chuck", over to that laptop and got the same error message, I could however open a older rarely used database without any issues on the laptop.   I then tried using the Act Diagnostics to repair the Database "Chuck" (repair database function),  after that it did open but the format is lost as well as some data. 


How can I get the database "Chuck" to open without losing any data?


ACT 2013 PRO on Windows 7 professional